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Welcome to Covington County, the municipalities of Collins, Mount Olive, & Seminary.


Gerald McRaney Parade

The Home Place of Gerald McRaney

Television and Movie celebrity Gerald McRaney is Collins' most famous son. A consummate actor, who's life has been shaped by his southern roots.

Birthday: August 19, 1947
Birth Place: Collins, Mississippi USA
Birth Name: Gerald McRaney

Gerald McRaney was born to Clyde and Edna and is part Scottish and part Chowtaw Indian. His father was a builder. Mackie, as some people call him, has a brother, Buddy, who appeared as the judge in the Simon & Simon reunion movie, and a sister, Anne.

Gerald McRaney Covington
Delta Burke

Mackie attended high school near the gulf coast of Mississippi and joined the drama club there when a knee injury halted his football play. He also attended the University of Mississippi for a short time.
Mackie's acting endeavors continued after he became an assistant stage manager at a New Orleans repertory company.
Mackie married Beverly Root at a young age and their marriage produced a daughter, Jessica, and a son, Angus, who was born deaf. Mackie and Angus took classes at the John Tracy Clinic in L.A. where Angus learned to speak.
During Mackie's second marriage to Patricia Rae Moran, the couple adopted a daughter, Katie.
Mackie has been married to Delta Burke, the actress, since May 28, 1989.
Some interests of Mr. McRaney's include: history, reading, hunting and boxing. He has also visited our troops in the military for several years and has been on the campaign trail for George Bush and our current president, George W. Bush.
Mackie and Delta currently rent a home in L.A. and own a farm in Mississippi.

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Collins, Mississippi
May 1, 1999

Okatoma festival

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