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“Open Season” on OLN Airs September 7-10


STAMFORD, CT (AUGUST 29, 2006) – OLN, the home of field sports’ finest, celebrates the start of hunting seasons across the country with Open Season, a special weekend featuring an impressive lineup of new and returning field sports programming. The schedule includes the premiere of a new series Whitetail Revolution, a sneak peek of a brand-new series that will begin in January, Escape to the Wild. and new episodes of Ruger’s Adventures, Benelli’s Dream Hunts, Benelli’s American Safari, World of Beretta, Gore Tex Outdoor Adventures, Fly Fishing Masters, and LL Bean’s Guide to the Outdoors. Open Season on OLN begins September 7 at 7 p.m. ET. OLN, which will change its name to Versus on September 25, presents the best field sports programming on television every Thursday-Saturday.

"Our goal is to be the preeminent destination for field sports television," said Gavin Harvey, President of the network. "Open Season not only celebrates the beginning of hunting season, but it gives us a chance to pay special attention to our new series like Whitetail Revolution and Escape to the Wild. These shows represent the types of top-quality field sports programming viewers will continue to find on the channel when we transition to Versus in September."



NEW EPISODE World of Beretta—Friday, September 8 at 8:30 p.m. ET
The heart of Missouri harbors some truly big trophy bucks. Viewers won’t want to miss
Jameson Parker as he goes deep into the woods for a monster buck. Wild quail hunting amid the prickly pear and mesquite of South Texas is one of the grandest bird-hunting experiences found in America. Head on down to the Lone Star State with Chris Dorsey and Steve Smith for this epic quail hunt.


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