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This is Marlowe, one of them. “Danny” and “Dusty” were brothers!

Both photos are from “Trapdoors”, from the 1st season - one from the opening credits and the other one from a scene on the front porch of the Simon office.

Starting with season 6, there was a “third“Marlowe, after Danny died and Dusty got ill.  :(

And this is where Marlowe III - his real name is Sakarya´s Midas - was born  ( * March 27, 1985):

Follow the link to see where “Marlowe” is from.

I had the great pleasure to find Marilyn (well in fact she found me), who was Midas human “mom” and who was so kind to share some photos with me - and YOU.

Hey! He already knows what an Anatolian Shepherd is for! Good booooy.

In contrast to Danny and Dusty, Marlowe / Midas is a pure-bred


This is RED OF SAKARYA. Sire of Sakarya´s Midas, Marlowe´s father!


Puppy Midas/ Marlowe.....

... one year later on the set.

Remembering his puppy days, Marlowe's 1st birthday
present from his breeders was a bottle of fresh goats milk


Whoooooo - this pirate is scary! In fact it´s Gerald McRaney in a costume for “The Apple Doesn´t Fall Far From the Tree”.

“Midas” didn´t play in that episode yet, he started in the following season... but it was the last day for Dusty who had to retire because of his health problems.

Marlowe´s new home was at Bob Weatherwax whose family trained dogs for movies for many many years.

You can take a look at several Lassies here:(click on the small photo) ( Unfortunately MARLOWE isn´t mentioned there in detail.)

The Weatherwaxes.


“Rick Simon”


Although he was good for high ratings ("Marlowe, Come Home" had the highest
rating of its season), the producers decided to reduce Marlowe's presence on
show more and more until he vanished one day without any comment.


Goodbye, MARLOWE.

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