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Exciting New Shows Start July 28, 2006

Showcasing all that the Beretta lifestyle has to offer, The World of Beretta will be broadcasted on OLN. Hosted by veteran actor, hunter, and Second Amendment advocate, Gerald McRaney, the Beretta series is among the most compelling outdoor programs on television

"It’s an absolutely first-rate showcase of everything we cherish about hunting," says Chuck Wechsler of Sporting Classics magazine. "Gerald McRaney is perfect as the host; the story lines are original and immensely entertaining; the cinematography is stunning. If they give an Emmy to an outdoor show this year, it ought to be The World of Beretta."


McRaney´s Invitation to World of beretta

The widely acclaimed “World of Beretta” television series showcases big game and wingshooting adventure from across the globe each fall on OLN. Host Gerald McRaney has been a major network star for nearly 30 years in such long-running hits as “Simon & Simon,” “Major Dad,” “The Promised Land,” and HBO's Emmy winning “Deadwood.” McRaney also has the distinction of being the last gunfighter to square off against Matt Dillon in the final episode of “Gunsmoke,” one of the longest-running television series in history. “That was a childhood fantasy come true,” says McRaney.

He was a hunter long before becoming an actor, however, and is one of hunting’s most outspoken advocates in the Hollywood community and was awarded the 2005 “Man of the Year” by the Hollywood Celebrity Shoot for his ongoing efforts to promote the shooting sports.

He has traveled from the plains of Africa to stalk leopard and buffalo to the plains of western Alberta to hunt Canada geese and ducks with “The World of Beretta.” “The best television ‘job’ that I've ever had” as he described it to “Access Hollywood” in a 2005 interview.


Visit www.berettausa.com to see the schedule.

Click on the OLN logo to see Gerald McRaney hunting.

World of beretta

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