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Gerald McRaney invites you to The World of Beretta

Showcasing all that the Beretta lifestyle has to offer, The World of Beretta will be broadcasted on OLN. Hosted by veteran actor, hunter, and Second Amendment advocate, Gerald McRaney, the Beretta series is among the most compelling outdoor programs on television.


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"It’s an absolutely first-rate showcase of everything we cherish about hunting," says Chuck Wechsler of Sporting Classics magazine. "Gerald McRaney is perfect as the host; the story lines are original and immensely entertaining; the cinematography is stunning. If they give an Emmy to an outdoor show this year, it ought to be The World of Beretta."


Mississippi Public Broadcasting has joined with a number of partners to tell the story of the Mississippi's Pascagoula River Basin. Material on this website is based on the Mississippi Public Broadcasting documentary, The Singing River: Rhythms of Nature, and The Sun Herald of South Mississippi newspaper series, Pascagoula River Basin: Paradise in Peril.

Produced in association with The Nature Conservancy, the television program explored the ecological, cultural, recreational and economic significance of the Pascagoula River, the largest unimpeded free-flowing river system in the lower United States. Narrated by Mississippi native, Gerald McRaney, the documentary was filmed over a two year period to capture the spirit of the river's life, through thunderous rains, seasonal flooding, and receding water levels.

Comprising twenty-eight pages, published over three consecutive Sundays, the newspaper series was a major in-depth report on the economy, ecology and sociology of the River basin. This special report explained the threats to the river and offered suggestions for preserving this treasure.

The beauty and ecological significance
of the river is in its natural flowing waters
that are free to roam at will.

Major funding for the documentary was made possible by: ChevronTexaco, EPA Gulf Of Mexico Program, Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, Mississippi Department of Marine Resources, Mississippi Power Company, and the Mississippi Secretary of State's Office. Additional support provided by: the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science Foundation and the USDA Forest Service. Web page support provided by RMT, Inc.

Click here to open the Press kit as a .pdf file. (4.3 MB)

From: Web site Copyright © 2003 Mississippi Authority for Educational Television. All Rights Reserved.


A Woman's Guide to Firearms

Host Gerald McRaney (TV's "Major Dad") leads you through and entertaining, step-by-step easy program designed with women in mind. Helps reduce the fear some women experience when learning about firearms, makes you more comfortable with a whole new world. A comprehensive how-to video, including instruction from two champion shooters. 60 minutes.

From:  Bloomfield Press at www.gunlaws.com

Convention Seminars

One of the greatest aspects of SCI's Annual Hunters' Convention is the variety of activities that are offered. Among those activities are free educational seminars--all four days of the convention! Convention attendees are able to participate in over 60 seminars during the show.
The seminars vary in topic, and cover many different areas, such as Health, Education, World Hunting, Firearms, Archery and Taxidermy.

At the 2005 show, there will be seminars by some of the hunting industry's most influential people. Jim Shockey, Chef John Schumacher and Shane Mahoney will all be giving seminars, among other noteworthy members of the hunting community.

James Swan, Ph.D. will host a panel of Hollywood's finest, with a seminar titled "Hunting and Hollywood." This seminar will give Convention attendees the chance to hear first-hand what it is like to be an avid and outspoken hunter in Hollywood. Panelists will explore possible solutions to help hunting regain a positive position in the media. Also included on the panel are Gerald McRaney, Patrick Kilpatrick, Jameson Parker and Rick Schroder.

From: www.scifirstforhunters.org

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