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Gerald McRaney. "The Vice President-Elect Salutes America's Veterans". George Washington University, Washington DC Friday January 19, 2001             George W. Bush Inaugural Speech before Veterans

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2003 Lifesavers Dinner Honors Senator Domenici, Drs. Farberow and Lönnqvist, Hartley and Goodstein Family

Record attendance at Cipriani 42nd Street

NEW YORK CITY — Well over 600 guests packed Ciprani 42nd Street on May 7 for the Foundation's 15th Annual Lifesavers Dinner. The event helped raise record funds for the Foundation's research and education programs. The dinner was chaired by Joe Mahady, president, North America, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and was hosted by actor Gerald McRaney, a star on network television for 18 consecutive years, most notably as Rick Simon on "Simon and Simon," then as a U.S. Marine in "Major Dad," both on CBS.

gerald mcraney Lifesavers dinner

Dinner chair Joe Mahady, emcee Gerald McRaney and AFSP President Dr. J. John Mann.

Mr. McRaney has used his celebrity to help form The Entertainment Industries’ Council for a Drug-Free Society, and has testified before the U.S. Senate on the issue of substance abuse. He directed an episode of “Simon and Simon” which included a segment deglamorizing adolescent drug abuse, and co-wrote a segment in which his character suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. Married to actress Delta Burke, a depression sufferer for almost 30 years, Mr. McRaney has been outspoken on the subject of depression and the impact it can have on the family. With his assistance, she has been able to turn her own experience and recovery into a personal commitment to eradicate the stigma that surrounds mental illness.

Continuing what is now a 15-year tradition by the Foundation, the event honored researchers for scientific investigations that significantly contribute to knowledge about suicide, public figures for raising awareness and survivors of suicide for enduring incredible personal loss to lead the cause of suicide prevention.

Gerald Mcraney Horton Foote Award

Horton Foote Award for Outstanding Screenplay Writing

Gerald McRaney presented the award to Billy Bob Thornton at the 14th Annual Natchez Literary and Cinema Celebration 2003


Gerald McRaney and Delta

Actors Marshall Teague & Gerald McRaney relax at Campbell's Homeplace after a day of hunting.

Campbells´s Homeplace - Hunting and Game Fence Company

Paradise Ball The Jungle Ball to benefit Sheltering Arms Childrens Service

Gerald mcRaney at Campbell´s Homeplace
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Gerald McRaney presents the TV Showmanship Award to Lauren Tobin at the 40th Annual Publicists Awards 2003

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The WB 2004 Summer Press Tour

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 Annual Publicists Awards Beverly Hills, Ca. 2003

 8th Annual Prism Award  2003

“What Women Want” Premier

The 9th Annual Prism Awards  - 04/2004

Press Room

Prism Awards Mcraney 2004
Michelle lee Schroder

9th Annual Prism Awards  - Show

Prism Awards 2004

with Michelle Lee and Rick Schroder

Boothe and Dickens with gerald McRAney

Deadwood Season Premiere -Gerald McRaney - 06/06/06

Mcraney Deadwood premiere

Deadwood Season Premiere - with Kim Dickens and Parisse Boothe

Robin Weigert

Gerald McRaney on the Red Carpet

with Robin Weigert

Delta and mackie

Steel Magnolias Final performance on Broadway Benefiting The Actor´s Fund of America

Gerald McRaney Hunting

Mcraney with Lola

Celebrities against Cancer - April 2008

Survival Armour takes part in SCI´s Second Annual ‘Top Shot Challenge’



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