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A dog´s life

Darleen Carr and Jameson Parker - Broadcast Production

A Dog's Life Coming to OLN in July 2003

Denver, CO - A Dog's Life, hosted by television stars Jameson Parker and Darleen Carr, will debut in July of 2003 on OLN (Outdoor Life Network). The new series will profile sporting breeds from Chesapeakes to Vizsla's. Viewers will meet some of the top breeders in America and will get a detailed introduction to each hunting breed and its origins. Viewers also will receive expert health instruction from Dr. Marty Smith of the Drs. Foster and Smith catalog. Hunting tips from Steve Smith, the veteran publisher of The Pointing Dog Journal, The Retriever Journal, and Just Labs magazines will round-out the best advice for creating an effective gun dog.

"We're excited about airing such an engaging program," says Peter Englehart, OLN vice president, "our viewers have a keen interest in dogs, so we're confident this new series will find a receptive audience. We're also pleased to be teaming up with a quality production company like Orion Multimedia."

Jameson Parker is best known for his eight-year stint as the co-star of the CBS action adventure series Simon & Simon. Parker, however, also is an avid wingshooter and gun dog trainer. Darleen Carr is a Golden Globe-nominated actress with starring roles in numerous television series including, The Streets of San Francisco and Maverick. Carr is both a bird hunter and dog lover and her passion for both helps to create a strong chemistry on the series.

"A Dog's Life will appeal to anyone who has ever owned a dog or even thought about owning a dog," says Chris Dorsey of Orion Multimedia. "The dog market is both large and loyal, so we aim to give them a quality program that showcases life with sporting breeds."

"I didn't hesitate when offered to host this series," says Parker. "Bird hunting and gun dogs are my favorite pastimes, so I couldn't wait to get started with A Dog's Life."

The show will air for 26 weeks beginning in July of 2003. OLN reaches more than 50 million households in the US and Canada and is a leading programmer of outdoor action sports.


From: www.orionmultimedia.net

NEW - A DOG´s Life - BOYKIN SPANIEL - with Jameson Parker AND  his wife Darleen! Watch the video !

Coming soon on TV: Tracks and Footsteps with Jameson Parker

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