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Delta Burke and Gerald McRaney
Join Effort To Save Cypress Gardens

Delta Burke, a former Miss Florida and an Orlando native, and husband Gerald "Mac" McRaney, have joined the "Friends of Cypress Gardens" in their effort to save the Cradle of Florida tourism. Ms. Burke is best remembered for her delightful character "Suzanne Sugarbaker" in the television hit show "Designing Women". Gerald has starred in numerous series including "Simon and Simon", "Major Dad", and "Promise Land". In July, Delta and Mac also starred in the original movie for Lifetime, "Going For Broke" and most recently Delta joined former cast members for the "Designing Women Reunion" on Lifetime.

Delta was raised in Florida and grew up attending the beautiful Cypress Gardens. She has a 30+ year friendship with Burma Davis Posey, the former Miss Georgia who founded Friends of Cypress Gardens. Delta has filmed a beautiful Public Service Announcement with Cypress Gardens footage and special sound effects to rally supporters for the final two meetings to be held at the Capitol in Tallahassee on August 20 and August 26.

Cypress Gardens closed with only three days notice on April 13. Ms. Posey and her daughter, Shanna, handed out 14,500 "Save Cypress Gardens" fliers on the final day of operations with Governor Jeb Bush`s personal e-mail address. As a result, the people bombarded

Gerald McRaney Alaucha post Cypress gardens

the Governor with thousands of e-mails. He appeared on television the next day saying because of the Gardens`s Historical and Environmental significance, and because they are so loved, he would pursue having the State purchase the Park. Ms. Posey had served for four years on the Florida Arts Council. She incorporated FOCG and their membership has grown to include passionate active supporters in 66 Florida cities, 33 states, and 11 countries! They are backing Orlando magnate David Siegel who hopes to lease the entire Gardens, restore it, and market it internationally.

Friends of Cypress Gardens and Mr. Siegel would like to place historical restrictions on the original botanical gardens and ski area and create a "Smithsonian of the South" in the remainder of the Park and Gardens. In addition to retaining the flavor and ski show of the beloved "Old Florida" created by Dick Pope, Sr., the idea is to build a unique and powerful Collections Center that will draw tourists and Florida natives. The re-opened Park will give visitors something different from what they normally see at central Florida attractions.

Already planned are a $66 million "Gone With The Wind" collection, a "Pageant Hall of Fame", the Florida Sports Hall of Fame", and a themed "Royal Doulton Tea Room and Restaurant" featuring the largest collection of RD Character jugs and figures in the world. Mr. Siegel expects the Gardens to become a depository of great international collections. "The possibilities are endless!" said Siegel. "The new Cypress Gardens can become one of the most visited areas in America!"

Two of four meetings have taken place in Tallahassee. At both, the Acquisition and Restoration Council voted unanimously to recommend the State purchase the entire Park.

Delta and Mac would like to thank Governor Bush and the Friends of Cypress Gardens for all they have done. After months of hard work, the final decision day where everyone will be holding their breath is almost here! Governor Bush and his three Cabinet members will make this historic decision. These important meetings will be held at the Capitol building at 9:00 a.m. Citizens from around the state and country are invited to attend. World champion skiers, beauty queens, and Cypress Gardens Belles, will join the Friends of Cypress Gardens in hopes this beloved treasure will be saved. If you would like to help, visit the FOCG at


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