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Angel Awards

GERALD McRANEY "I love this organization. This is nothing but a positive organization and to be honored by your organization touches my heart and touches it deeply. I acknowledge that there is a God. I've been an actor for 32 years and I thank God on a daily basis for allowing me to avoid work."

Gerald McRaney Gold Angel Winner

Gold Angel Winner
Gerald McRaney has set a record few actors ever have. For 18 consecutive years he has starred in network television series -- with a few movies along the way. Millions tuned in for eight years to SIMON and SIMON. He turned Marine in MAJOR DAD and then he was on the road in CBS -- TV's THE PROMISED LAND. What's more, he has written and directed numerous scripts. Born in Collins, Mississippi, he became enchanted with acting in high school, then in drama at the University of Mississippi. He drove a cab in L.A., got a role in four Gunsmokes, and was on his way. He lives with his actress wife, Delta Burke, in Vieux Carre of New Orleans. He is in the outdoors a lot, camping, fishing, hunting. Excellence in Media confers its highest honor, a Gold Angel, on one of Hollywood's most dedicated and brilliant actors -- and one who has a deep care for his fellow man.

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